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Skin Onion is about layers

and their infinite capacity to create stories and textures.

There are no logos and no distractions,

only shapes that allow the user endless styles.


There are no stretch fabrics in our collections. 

We only work with woven fabric because of their longevity.

All shaping is done through pattern making. The structural and embellishment topstitching make our garments truly durable and resistant to wear and tear. 


Currently, every single garment is designed and made in our studio. As our production grows, Skin Onion will eventually outsource production to Puerto Rico through its collaboration with Retazo, an educational and ethical program of responsible fashion production. 

The video below was made on the early days of our brand

and it still faithfully represents our daily rythm. 



Vignette documentary 
by the awesome  Hector Gonzalez.

Music by talented Matteo de Cosmo

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